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Inspired by the beauty of Bali’s natural environs, Spa in Bali presents a natural relaxation and treatment assortment for health and beauty. Spa guests experience treatments from head to toe, and find it a perfect way to indulge in holiday pleasure, reviving, energizing, refreshing and pampering their way into a brighter complexion.

Bali Tour Package Spa offers a complete range of body treatments for stress reduction and restoring health and beauty, and is a total retreat in the name of wellbeing. Bali Tour Package Spa is dedicated to travelers, busy professionals or couples who seek a retreat where they can rejuvenate both body and soul.

Treatments range from the traditional massage options, comprised of a full body massage using aromatherapy oil and combining the acupressure and stretching techniques of Balinese style, and will provide a sense of serenity and wellbeing and will improve blood circulation. Aromatherapy reduces stress and alleviates the body of toxin build-ups.

2 Hours Spa Package
Price : Usd 40
  • Aroma Therapy Foot Bath
  • Balinese Massage
  • Yellow Pumpkin Body Scrub
  • Milk Body Polish
  • Flower Bath
  • Spa Drink
3 Hours Spa Package
Price : Usd 55
  • Aroma Therapy Foot Bath
  • Balinese Massage
  • Ayurweda Treatment
  • Choice of Body Scrub
  • Flower Bath
  • Spa Drink